• New ETJ Website


    Dear ETJ users,

    The new ETJ website (eJournalPlus system) is now active. You can find it on the following link:

    For submissions that are submitted before 01/08/2021 (12:00 AM), the review process will be continued on this website (OJS system). However, after completing their publication requirements, they will be published on the new website.

    As for the new submissions that are submitted after 01/08/2021 (12:00 AM), they will be handled through the new website (eJournalPlus system).

    In the meantime, we encourage all ETJ users to register on the new website. Download the guidelines for creating a new account to assist you with the process (click here to download the guidelines). The first registration will give the user a basic role, which is the author role.
    Users who want to register as reviewers with ETJ must be registered as authors first. Then, they should email us with their CVs so they can be reviewed by the editorial board. Then, users will be registered as reviewers.


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