Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Uncertain Pendulum System


  • Dina H. Tohma Control & System Eng. Dept. University of Technology
  • Ahmed K. Hamoudi



This work aims to study and apply the adaptive sliding mode controller (ASMC) for the pendulum system with the existence of the parameters uncertainty, external disturbances, and coulomb friction. The adaptive sliding mode controller has several features over the conventional sliding mode control method. Firstly, the magnitude of the control signal is reduced to the minimally acceptable level defined by special conditions concerned with ASMC algorithm. Secondly, the upper bounds of uncertainties are not necessary to be defined before starting the work. For this reason, the ASMC can be used successfully to control the pendulum system with minimum control effort. These properties of the ASMC are confirming graphically by the simulation results using MATLAB 2019. The ASMC achieves an asymptotically stable system better than the Classical Sliding Mode Controller (CSMC). The unwanted phenomenon is called “chattering", which is appearing in the control action signal. These drawback properties are suppressed by employing a saturation function. Finally, the comparison between the results of the ASMC and CSMC showed that ASMC is the better one.


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Tohma , D. . H. ., & Hamoudi , A. K. . (2021). Design of Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller for Uncertain Pendulum System. Engineering and Technology Journal, 39(3A), 355-369.