Enhancement of EDM Performance by Using Copper-Silver Composite Electrode


  • Saad K. Shather جامعة التكنولوجية
  • Abbas A. Ibrahim
  • Zainab H. Mohsein الجامعة التكنولوجية
  • Omar H. Hassoon




Discharge Machining is a non-traditional machining technique and usually applied for hard metals and complex shapes that difficult to machining in the traditional cutting process. This process depends on different parameters that can affect the material removal rate and surface roughness. The electrode material is one of the important parameters in Electro –Discharge Machining (EDM). In this paper, the experimental work carried out by using a composite material electrode and the workpiece material from a high-speed steel plate. The cutting conditions: current (10 Amps, 12 Amps, 14 Amps), pulse on time (100 µs, 150 µs, 200 µs), pulse off time 25 µs, casting technique has been carried out to prepare the composite electrodes copper-sliver. The experimental results showed that Copper-Sliver (weight ratio70:30) gives better results than commonly electrode copper, Material Removal Rate (MRR) Copper-Sliver composite electrode reach to 0.225 gm/min higher than the pure Copper electrode. The lower value of the tool wear rate achieved with the composite electrode is 0.0001 gm/min. The surface roughness of the workpiece improved with a composite electrode compared with the pure electrode.


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Shather, S. K., Ibrahim , A. A., Mohsein, Z. H., & Hassoon, O. H. (2020). Enhancement of EDM Performance by Using Copper-Silver Composite Electrode. Engineering and Technology Journal, 38(9A), 1352-1358. https://doi.org/10.30684/etj.v38i9A.1549

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