Backstepping Control Strategy for Overhead Crane System


  • Mohammed Y. Khudhair
  • Mohammed Y. Hassan
  • Saleem K. Kadhim



Swinging on the shifted load by overhead crane is one of the main problems that all researchers suffer from. In addition, the crane system is a nonlinear and under-actuated system. Furthermore it is multivariable problem and it has coupling between its parameters ( . In this work, a developed type of anti-sway Backstepping controller is proposed to solve swinging on the shifted load for full non-linear overhead crane system. Simulation results were validated against the related articles previously published which used Fuzzy Logic control. The enhancement is measured for Backstepping control as a swinging to achieve 50.7%, 38.1% and 42.5% when it is compared with Fuzzy Logic control. The performance of the overhead crane is enhanced from 70.4% to 51% at the control action consumptions.


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Khudhair, M. Y. . ., Hassan, M. Y. . ., & Kadhim, S. K. . (2021). Backstepping Control Strategy for Overhead Crane System. Engineering and Technology Journal, 39(3A), 370-381.